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User Guide


See how to use the VLLO editor.


Text, label, Caption

Try various edits by adding text, labels, and subtitles.


You can edit it by adding various characters. VLLO provides more than 100 letter templates, and users can add their own unique letters by changing the format other than the provided templates.

It is suitable for individual text production as it allows more various editing than labels or subtitles.


Label means to attach a sticker to indicate a trademark on a part that requires additional explanation.

Labels provide a way to type text on stickers.

We offer a variety of decorations that can be used as labels. Decorate your video by selecting the label you want!


It is usually a decoration that is added at the bottom so that it can be read and referenced. It is okay to write subtitles with text, but you can decorate the video in various ways by using more diverse subtitle bars.


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