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Set photo time

How to set the time of imported photos and how to apply the set time to all photos

Single photo time setting

In VLLO, the default photo time is set to 4 seconds, and there are 3 ways to change it.

After selecting a photo clip, select 'Time' from the Edit menu at the bottom.

※ 'Time' menu only appears on the 'Photo' clip. It does not appear in 'Video' clips.

① Controller (fine time setting)

The time that can be set by the controller can be set from 0.1 seconds up to 30 seconds in 0.1 second increments.

② Quick button (Quick time setting)

The time to set a lot in general is provided with a button.

The time that can be set with the button can be set in units of 0.5s, 1s, 2s, 4s, and 10s.

③ Clip handle (easy time setting)

You can lengthen or shorten the time of your photos to any length you want, not just the exact time.

If you hold the handle to set the time, you can also set the time to more than 30 seconds, which the controller doesn't provide.

Multiple photo time settings

1. If you want to change the time of multiple photos at once, first set the time of photos using one of the methods above.

2. Then, click the double check icon in the lower left corner to move to the selection application screen.

3. On the Apply Selection screen, select a photo to change to the set time, or press Select All in the upper right corner and select the V icon in the lower right corner.

Time settings can only be applied to photos.


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