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User Guide


See how to use the VLLO editor.


Motion sticker, Frame, Template

Use motion stickers, frames, and templates to make boring videos fun.

Motion sticker

As moving stickers, stickers are provided in various categories such as Vlog, Diary, Travel, and Season.

Find stickers in the category you want and decorate the video.

You can freely change the position, time, and color. You can also apply multiple stickers at once.


Decorate the border of the video using frames.

Just by applying a frame, you can create a screen shot with a camera or a screen like a magazine cover.


You can create an atmosphere like rain or scattered flowers by applying an effect over the video as a decoration.

Bookmarks, Recently Used, New


You can long press your favorite decorations and save them to your bookmark list.

Recently used

It records the deco used before.


You can check the newly added deco.


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