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User Guide


See how to use the VLLO editor.


Edit Screen 1

Check out the details of the VLLO edit screen.

A. Go to the main screen

Ability to go to the VLLO main screen and check the list of projects

B. Tutorial

Check out the basic tutorials needed for editing.

FAQ, copyright, and keyboard shortcuts are also available.

C. Project Settings

When creating a project, you can change the set value.

Project title, aspect ratio, and video layout (when importing new clips) can be changed

D. Save

Save the created project as a video or GIF

E. Edit window

The loaded video is displayed and you can check the contents to be edited

F. Play & Preview in Full Screen

Play: Play the edited video and check the result

Full-View the video larger in the edited aspect ratio

G. Undo & Redo

Go back or redo previous actions while editing

If you make a mistake while editing, you can always undo using the undo icon.


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